Objectives of The Promise Franchise

The Promise Franchise is a business opportunity designed to create wealth and add uncommon value to:

  • Discerning investors who seek credible and trustworthy business ventures that guarantee satisfying returns;
  • Working class families and individuals who desire added flow of income and a secure financial future; and
  • Retirees looking to stay active and invest their benefits for regular, post-work life returns.

Why Buy into The Promise Franchise?

The systems and practices that have made us a successful operator with unrivaled growth and success are the exact same guidelines that we will share with you as a Franchisee. Ours is a tried and tested business model:

  • with a good track record of profitability;
  • that is highly affordable and offers an excellent value for money, relatively inexpensive to operate;
  • with an already well established brand in the market;
  • that is relatively easy to operate anywhere;
  • that can also be easily duplicated;
  • built around a unique and unusual concept;
  • with a concept that can be effectively communicated and sold to others: we have a market research and product improvement team that continually researches, monitors and evaluates the market and its products to ensure that it stays one step ahead of competition;
  • with a dedicated advertising and PR campaign team mirroring the highly effective marketing on a range of national, regional and trade media: our chain does this on television, radio, as well as in the press;
  • offering a comprehensive and unrivalled training support for our Franchise at the The Promise University;
  • offering uncommon financial support: The Promise has secured the partnership of a Megabank to provide 60% of the payment required of the prospective Franchisee The other 40% is paid by the Franchisee.


The Promise - we do nothing but good food

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