Franchise FAQ

1. What is a Franchise?

A Franchise is any business licensed by a contractual agreement to distribute a replica of a product or service, maintaining the same name, brand, logo, product and service standards of the original.

 In a Franchise arrangement, there are at least two levels of persons involved, namely:

  • The Franchisor: the original owner of the brand name and product/service (The Promise)
  • The Franchisee: the investor (who is empowered by the contractual agreement) to reproduce the original

In a Franchise, the Franchisor lends his trademark, trade name and business system to the Franchisee, who in turn pays a royalty and an initial fee for the right to do business under the Franchisor's name and using the Franchisor's system.


2. What is The Promise Franchise all about?

The Promise Franchise is a carefully thought out entrepreneurial and investment plan to provide high returns on investment for discerning investors. Retirees who still want to enjoy the excitement of working, and for active working class individuals seeking additional streams of income.


3. What edge does The Promise Franchise have over other fast food brands?

ANS: The Promise Franchise is truly Nigerian only brand with a seal of international endorsement by International Franchising Association, with a focused, high level disciplined management system that has witnessed consistent growth in turnover and assets since inception in the year 2000.


4. What investment options does the Promise Franchise have to offer?

ANS: The Promise Franchise has four (4) investment options to give prospective investors choices based on financial resources and land space available to them:

  • The Classic;
  • The Premium;
  • The Icon; and
  • The Galleria.


The Promise - we do nothing but good food

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